LingoScout is a directory of language schools.

directory for language schoolsYou can list your language school at a very attractive annual fee and choose from 3 different pricing plans starting at 99 EUR per year. You can create your own profile page with information about your language courses, your accommodation options, social activities etc. Additionally you can add photos and videos to your listing. And last but not least you can upload your current brochure and price lists.

On the other hand LingoScout is a blog about language travel and language learning in general with lots of information for people interested in learning a foreign language. At LingoScout they can find tips and tricks to learn a language, information how to plan and organize a language trip, research language schools from a variety of schools listed at LingoScout, read real student-reviews of former students, how to find the perfect language school, packing lists,
information about events and a lot of more. For my visitors, your prospective students, it is completely free to use.

About the visitors of LingoScout

Search Engine OptimizationAt the moment the website is available to German-speaking clients in Germany, Switzerland and Austria but other languages are planned
to follow soon. LingoScout is using a number of online channels to attract visitors. These channels are: Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest, partnerships and trusted 3rd party websites. The traffic has grown fast and steadily since the launch of LingoScout in June 2016. For up-to-date information about site traffic please contact me.

FAQ for language schools:

1. How do I list my language school?

Please use the link “Add your language school“ at the top of the home page, select your package and create your profile page. Is it as easy as it sounds and you will be surprised to hear that while creating the form I kept in mind that your time is money… So I tried to keep it short and simple. 🙂

2. How can students contact me?

Once on your profile page, in order to contact you, students have the possibility to complete an enquiry form and send it to you. As a link to your website is published on your profile page the students can visit your website and contact you directly. Further they can also download your brochure and/or price list.

3. What are student reviews?

Language School RatingStudent reviews are a key resource used by students when deciding which language school to book. Past and current students can leave reviews directly from the reviews link of your school’s profile page. Every time a new review is left, you receive a notification email with a link where you can check the review. This way you can make sure that the student is a genuine alumni of your school and no fake reviews are left.

But there is another way to receive reviews: When creating your profile page you can create an evaluation code which you can give to your alumni and current students. When a student uses your evaluation code the review will be published automatically.

Your reviews are shown in the search results on LingoScout and on your profile page. The search results on LingoScout can be sorted by best rated language schools so that good reviews are good for your listing.

4. Which school will appear at the top of search results?

By default the last added language school will be shown. The reason for this is because I would like to give recently added schools the possibility to be shown on top. But students may select to order search results in some other ways:

  • Alphabetical (ascending and descending)
  • Date of creation (ascending and descending)
  • Average result of the reviews (ascending and descending)

It is most likely that students use the filter to show the best rated language schools. If you want to ensure your school is at the top of search results then ensure to have good reviews from a diverse range of students.

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